Stay active Movement is important… particularly since we can’t go out, apart from our one episode of exercise. Doing quick bursts of exercise throughout the day will help, try dancing when you are cleaning the house or while waiting for the kettle to boil! Routine, exercise, and going outside if you have a garden if not try one of the online exercise classes.

Get dressed and ready for work. This may initially appear absolutely pointless, but we often associate feelings with what normal activity for example pyjamas equal relaxed and work clothes equate to being productive, and we can change when have finished work to help relax again.

Continue to make your packed lunch again this may sound bizarre but try to make lunch first thing and plan a lunch break. It’s tempting to work through particularly when it means you might be able to finish early Don’t! Seriously a day of no food is a sure way to burn out! It reduces brain activity decreases concentration and makes you tend to snack out on chocolate or junk food.

Drink Water. Lots of it It’s hard especially when your engrossed in a task or sat at a screen all day to remember to drink. So, make sure you always have a glass of water (No not wine perhaps later) within reach. One positive spin off from this is that running backwards and forwards to the loo… that’s exercise! So, it’s a Win Win!

Plan something fun for after Work. Anything indoors! Netflix’s or Catch up on TV, bake a cake (If you have managed to get your online shopping order!!) drink a hot chocolate, call or face time or Zoom friends and family eat a snack… whatever.

But first… get changed and celebrate you made it through the day!

Current times are challenging so be sure to take time to relax. keep telling yourself it’s temporary, a moment in time,

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