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Invicta Grammar School Mental Health Ambassadors for a Better Future


Invicta Grammar School Mental Health Ambassadors for a Better Future Join Us in Shaping a Healthier, Happier Tomorrow for Everyone!  Expression of Interest Be the Change for a brighter future In a world where mental health often takes a backseat, we invite you, the bright minds of Invicta Grammar School, to lead the way towards a future where mental wellness is prioritised. We're searching for passionate young individuals to become Ambassadors for a Better Future. Will you answer the call? Why Become an Ambassador? As an Ambassador, you will be at the forefront of a vital movement, working to: Demystify [...]

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Celebrating Our Journey


Celebrating Our Journey: A Tribute to Men 2 Groups and the Path Forward with Mentell As we turn the pages of our collective journey, it's essential to pause and reflect on the paths we've traversed and the bridges we're crossing into new beginnings. The Men 2 Groups have been a beacon of hope and solidarity for many since their inception in September 2019, a time when the world seemed to close in on itself during the lockdown. This blog post is a tribute to every individual who has been a part of this incredible journey and a warm embrace of [...]

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No More Blue Mondays


Unlock your Happiness in 2024 with Rewrite Your Story: Introducing our New Psychoeducational Therapist-Led Group starting in January 2024! Life can be a rollercoaster, with ups and downs that impact our mood and well-being. Whether it's challenges in relationships, a tough day at work, financial stress, or parenting troubles, Rewrite Your Story is here to help you navigate through it all and discover the path to happiness. Starting in January 2024, Rewrite Your Story is excited to announce a groundbreaking initiative – a Psychoeducational Therapist-Led Group designed to empower individuals with the tools they need to transform their lives positively [...]

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Rewrite Your Story receives £1000 donation from John Lewis Partnership


Rachel Perrett (COO at Therapy Partners), Billy (Paws 2 Learn, therapy dog) and Alan Heyes (Founder/Trustee of Rewrite Your Story). ‘Rewrite Your Story, a specialist young people's mental health charity based in Maidstone, Kent has received a generous donation of £1000 from John Lewis Bluewater, the UK’s largest employee-owned business and parent company of John Lewis Partnership and Waitrose. The donation was made as part of John Lewis Partnership’s ‘Community Matters’ scheme, which offers each Partner (staff member) the opportunity to vote for a local charity (or community group) to receive a grant. With a current focus of ‘Health and [...]

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Breast cancer in men


Around 400 men a year in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancerThis figure may seem low in comparison to the 55,000 women who are diagnosed with the disease every year, but this figure is still too high.Breast cancer in men is often discovered later, so it is vital that more men become aware of the causes and signs of breast cancer and what they can do to reduce their risk of getting this devastating disease.Find out more Key Facts sheet

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The Transformative Power of Nutrition


The Transformative Power of Nutrition: Insights from Therapy Partners' Presentation at Simon Stock School Introduction: Recently, the students at Simon Stock School in Maidstone were privileged to attend a thought-provoking presentation by our nutritionist, Hannah. Her engaging talk at their recent sports day focused on the profound connection between nutrition and mental health, captivating over 1000 students with her wealth of knowledge and expertise. In this blog, we will delve into the key takeaways from Hannah's presentation and explore the transformative power of nutrition on mental well-being. Understanding the Mind-Body Connection: Hannah's presentation began by emphasising the crucial link between [...]

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Our first Men2 Podcast


Our first Men2 Podcast. Our men's mental health group, MEN2 has grown from strength to strength. Members meet weekly in a safe environment (currently online) to talk about their own personal mental health journey and the challenges they face. Member and advocate, Dan Moss has this to say about the group. 'We all know about the supposed stigma with regards to men's mental health, and with us having been through two lockdowns, I feel it's now more important than ever to talk about it.' 'With suicide at its highest rate in men for over 20 years, this is something that [...]

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Young people ‘not receiving mental health care they need’


An interesting review from the Care Quality Commision (CQC) has highlighted that almost 40% of specialist child and adolescent services needed improvement. Therapy Partners & Rewrite Your Story are committed to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people, providing quality, confidential and accessible services. Young people are facing long waiting times and unequal access to mental health services, a review by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has said. The commissioner said this could be “putting young people’s lives at risk”. The review found nearly 40% of specialist child and adolescent services needed improvement. Alice Gibbs, who [...]

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Thriving at Work Report Released


Therapy Partners and Rewrite Your Story are proud to announce that Wayne Goodwin, Therapy Partners’ Trainer, was invited to 10 Downing Street to collaborate on the newly released report, Thriving at Work: a review of mental health and employers Thriving at Work sets out what employers can do to better support all employees, including those with mental health problems to remain in and thrive through work. In Wayne’s own words; ‘In the recently published independent review of the impact on mental health in the workplace ‘Thriving at Work’ the cost to employers because of poor mental health is estimated as being [...]

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