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Rewrite Your Story is a charitable organisation founded in 2017, supporting the mental health of children & young people, adults, families, professionals, carers and everyone else inbetween!

Our holistic systemic approach across all sectors has a special focus on raising awareness and early intervention.

Our story began with a clinical study funded by the NHS clinical commissioning groups within North and East Kent. We researched the effectiveness of early intervention during our work promoting and protecting the emotional wellbeing of children and young people.

The basis of our work, line with the NHS Five Year Forward View (2014), emphasised the need for early intervention and services to be integrated and provided close to patients and their families, usually within a 5-mile radius. By providing targeted early intervention and offering therapy that is local, the best possible recovery outcomes can be achieved. Our support has extended beyond the reach of traditional services, recognising that early intervention is key and our results support this.

As an organisation we believe that people have the right to choose which therapist they see and when, making therapy accessible to all who need it. We also like to use the latest technology and offer support online, by phone and text.

Over time, our charitable objectives have grown, and we are committed to providing accessible support, therapy and training to all members of our community. We provide accessible, affordable mental health services including; individual, family and couple therapy, clinician run support groups, awareness raising presentations, mental health and suicide prevention training, and much more.

We are a team of multi-accredited professionals based in Kent and operating county wide. Between us we are trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Eating Disorders, Family Therapy, Specialist Counselling, Addiction and Nutrition. Find out more about our individual Team Members.

Do you need urgent help?

If your mental or emotional state quickly gets worse, or you’re worried about someone you know – help is available.

Make a donation

Your generous donations help us to reach more people affected by poor mental health with advice, support and information.

We believe that, with the right personalised support, anyone with a mental health need can live the life they want to live. It is our vision that everyone gets the personalised services and support they need.

To make this vision a reality, our mission is to help people achieve good physical and mental wellbeing and live life to the full.

We do this by providing mental health support services, ranging from ‘talking therapies’ for men, women, adults, families, children and young people to coaching Workplace wellbeing and Psychoeducational support and training, and all based on the principle of supporting every person, as an individual, towards their own goals and aspirations.

At RWYS we aspire to deliver the highest quality of care and support to individuals, couples children, young people and families. We do this by working alongside you to help you understand who you are, deciphering why you have made the decisions you have in life, learning how to make choices that suit you better and moving forward in life in ways that feel good.

Our aim is to make a real and lasting difference to the people we support by achieving positive outcomes and enabling as normal and fulfilling a life as possible.

Putting people first

Our business is about people, people who need hope and deserve a better future. It’s about finding the spark that enables each of the people we support to grow in self-worth and where possible, independence.

Being supportive

Being a non-judgemental  confidential and professional service  to the people we support to offer clinical interventions based on the latest scientific research and guidelines.

Acting with integrity

Taking responsibility, being honest in what we do and what we say, keeping it personal and real.

Striving for excellence

Questioning everything in a positive and constructive way and always striving to improve. By doing so, we can make things better for the individuals we support.

Being positive

Seeing potential, seeing what could be and not limitations. Being creative and trying out new things to find the best solutions that make it happen.

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