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Rewrite Your Story is a charitable organisation founded in 2017, supporting the mental health of children & young people, adults, families, professionals, carers and everyone else inbetween!

Our holistic systemic approach across all sectors has a special focus on raising awareness and early intervention.

Our story began with a clinical study funded by the NHS clinical commissioning groups within North and East Kent. We researched the effectiveness of early intervention during our work promoting and protecting the emotional wellbeing of children and young people.

Alan Heyes, Founder, Rewrite Your Story


We believe that, with the right personalised support, anyone with a mental health need can live the life they want to live. It is our vision that everyone gets the personalised services and support they need.

To make this vision a reality, our mission is to help people achieve good physical and mental wellbeing and live life to the full.

We do this by providing mental health support services, ranging from ‘talking therapies’ for men, women, adults, families, children and young people to coaching Workplace wellbeing and Psychoeducational support and training, and all based on the principle of supporting every person, as an individual, towards their own goals and aspirations.

Our values are at the core of everything we do:


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