An interview with Rubie


Rubie Cousins developed an eating disorder at 16 and now, at the age of 30 celebrates a happy life with the help of counselling and supporting others with eating disorders and their recovery. 1. When did your eating disorder start? It started when my dad died from throat cancer. I guess that was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. I'm not saying that was the only reason why my eating disorder started but it was definitely a catalyst. I guess it was my way of controlling what was going on around me because everything else was out [...]

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Greetings from Alan…


I'd like to thank everyone who has donated and supported the charity, particularly over the last 12 months. Since we launched three years ago, our services have grown to provide accessible (1-7 days between referral and initial assessment) and affordable mental health support to everyone – individuals, couples, families, and community groups. This year, we have supported over 1500 clients, including children and young people, individuals, couples, and families - and delivered over 5,000 counselling sessions, including individual, couple, and family therapy, school assemblies, and psychoeducational support sessions. Our face-to-face and online therapy groups have delivered over 150 hours of support.  Clients' feedback to [...]

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