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‘I felt that each session was guided so much by what troubled me in that moment and whatever wanted to come to the surface I was able to discuss and often transformed into a task, image or new thought which was so healthy and helpful for me. At all times there was such a clear path, framework, and plan that I felt anchored throughout and I knew why and what we are doing. My therapist had an incredible ability to listen, ask the right questions in the right moment and I often left the session feeling wow! My therapist helped me to come to realize such important and deep things, which I produced myself during the session, but it wouldn’t have happened if my therapist didn’t listen in the way she did. At all times I felt safe and enjoyed the program, It was tough, and it is still tough, but I appreciate the tools I have taken away from the program and recognise the triggers of my eating disorder.  The Program helped me to overcome my fears of weighing myself and helped stop the habit of continuously weighing myself and this happened so automatically and gradually. Thank you thank you thank you!’ – Anonymous

‘It’s amazing. I don’t feel like I am the only one. I can see that I’m not a failure by having anxiety, anyone can have it and for so many reasons. I love the fact that my voice is being heard. Why should I be ashamed or feel guilty? The support has been amazing. Thank you so much.’ – Callie

‘You helped me to see things from a different perspective and gained insight into the root cause of my relationship issues. I would recommend your services to others seeking help with their relationships.’ – Abbey

‘I honestly can’t think of any improvements. I got seen within a couple of weeks of being referred. I made so much progress with this treatment, my therapist was amazing and made me feel comfortable.’ – Anonymous

‘If I had waited any longer for help I don’t think I could have gotten better. I want to go to Uni and get on with my life but I can’t as I have this awful thing that stops me doing anything. Now I see you I am not thinking about food all the time and there feels like there is light at the end of the tunnel. You talking to my mum has really helped me with her too.’ – Young person

‘The online support was really helpful and meant I could access my therapist just to talk through issues that may have arisen. I would like to thank Therapy Partners for working in a way that is flexible, it really helped me.’ – Young person

‘The counselling sessions really helped me and will help me in the long run. You helped me challenge my thoughts and realise that I can think of the positives of situations and other explanations instead of constantly the negative. I would definitely recommend you to anybody that needed help at any time, as I found the sessions so helpful. I appreciate that you gave me space to talk about anything I needed to, and that you didn’t make me feel like my problems weren’t problems.’ – Michelle

Thank you so much for your professional and compassionate input. Right now my 13 year old daughter is re-discovering the confidence that somehow got knocked out of her in the pressure cooker social world that our teenagers now live in.

Anna’s therapy sessions seem to have had a lasting positive effect which is a huge relief as I’m sure you can imagine. She was in a dark space and was feeling completely unable to manage her interactions with her peers which along with some horrendous online experiences had traumatised her to the point where she couldn’t sleep and was quite despairing. The online sessions with Claire gave her an outlet and a different perspective on the whole situation. She is now able to make much healthier social decisions and no longer feels trapped in that situation. She’s also started to think about relationships as something that she can actively manage rather than things that happen to her outside of her control, and this has been liberating.  – Andy, Maidstone

Family Therapy and Eating Disorder Support

I just wanted to say thank you to Rewrite your story and the Molly McLaren Foundation for all the support you offered. When XXXX was ill we were at our wits end after being unable to get help from the NHS. We were really struggling and had no idea what eating disorders can do and it had taken away the daughter we loved. With Sallies and Alans help and after a few setbacks things got better and we are no able to cope thank you so much.

Name Withheld for confidentiality – October 2020.


‘The quality of the provision has been exemplary. Our students have been both supported and upskilled as a result of our partnership. I have seen students’ confidence develop, as well as their whole demeanour, as part of our programme.’ – Julie Derrick, Headteacher

‘I found the training informative and an enjoyable session. The lived experience and the information I gained will really help me with my work supporting young people.’ – Support Worker, Children’s Charity

Therapists Reflection

My time with Sarah ended last September following the birth of her Son. During our time together, which ultimately was for the duration of her pregnancy, saw Sarah, consciously, take responsibility for the relationship that she had adopted “unconsciously”, and had struggled with for a number of years ie appx 13. Sarah actively engaged within our sessions, these were conducted remotely and she would between sessions seek out as many available resources that she could by way of literature and publications in order that she could “study” herself and the behaviours that she had adopted. By the time that Baby came along, Sarah advised that she felt that she had adopted a positive relationship with food, that felt more relaxed than it had for years and one that she could sustain. SJ

My time with Gaby ended over a year ago, and during our time together Gaby worked really hard to challenge the “unconscious” developed belief system that she had around food. Gaby had at the time of ending our sessions, started to consciously introduce positive behaviours inc a meal structure that was both healthy and sustainable. My relationship with Gaby continued after our time together within the Therapy room had come to an end, and we would continue to talk and meet for a coffee until Covid struck. Last Autumn Gaby announced that she was pregnant and has actively kept me informed as to the progress of her pregnancy. GH

A Letter From A Client To Her Therapist

You were right, you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves. It took a month but I finally did what you said and took a step back to look at what I really want in life. It was hard.. really hard but… I chose recovery and I put my all into it, every challenge I tried my hardest. It paid off, guess who ate chocolate from the quality streets tin for the first time in 2 and a half years!

Guess who’s eating 3 meals a day and none of them is salad!

Guess who’s self-harm free for just over 2 months now!

Guess who called themselves beautiful for the first time in their LIFE last month!

Guess who hasn’t passed out for a month and a half!

Guess who ate Christmas dinner!

Guess who hasn’t attempted suicide for exactly one year today!

I’m actually crying writing this.

You’ve known me since I was 14 years old…

You’ve taught me a lot, and I know it may not have seemed like it at the time, but I was listening.

When I refused therapy I took things into my own hands.. and it didn’t go well to start with but eventually, I looked back on all our old paperwork and used it all to get me to where I am today, so thank you.

You never gave up on me and for that, I will forever be grateful. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you. So thank you, thank you so much. I hope you have had a good Christmas and a happy new year!

Tell your partner that I said he’s very lucky to have someone as amazing as you and please tell Rollie I miss him and I will always remember the first time we met.

Thank you Sallie, I wish you all the best

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We believe that, with the right personalised support, anyone with a mental health need can live the life they want to live. It is our vision that everyone gets the personalised services and support they need.

To make this vision a reality, our mission is to help people achieve good physical and mental wellbeing and live life to the full.

We do this by providing mental health support services, ranging from ‘talking therapies’ for men, women, adults, families, children and young people to coaching Workplace wellbeing and Psychoeducational support and training, and all based on the principle of supporting every person, as an individual, towards their own goals and aspirations.

At RWYS we aspire to deliver the highest quality of care and support to individuals, couples children, young people and families. We do this by working alongside you to help you understand who you are, deciphering why you have made the decisions you have in life, learning how to make choices that suit you better and moving forward in life in ways that feel good.

Our aim is to make a real and lasting difference to the people we support by achieving positive outcomes and enabling as normal and fulfilling a life as possible.

Putting people first

Our business is about people, people who need hope and deserve a better future. It’s about finding the spark that enables each of the people we support to grow in self-worth and where possible, independence.

Being supportive

Being a non-judgemental  confidential and professional service  to the people we support to offer clinical interventions based on the latest scientific research and guidelines.

Acting with integrity

Taking responsibility, being honest in what we do and what we say, keeping it personal and real.

Striving for excellence

Questioning everything in a positive and constructive way and always striving to improve. By doing so, we can make things better for the individuals we support.

Being positive

Seeing potential, seeing what could be and not limitations. Being creative and trying out new things to find the best solutions that make it happen.

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