Therapy Partners’ Sallie Kemp and Rubie Cousins recently visited Mayfield Grammar School for Girls to deliver an interactive assembly about Eating Disorders and Body Image to 180 girls. It’s main aim;

Raise as much awareness as possible about eating disorders, how and why they develop, what role society plays in this and how to get help.

Rubie, one of Rewrite Your Story trustees, who shared her story through the video and inspired the charity, spoke to the girls on the day about her own, lived experiences and answered any questions they had.

 ‘Outside influences including the power of the media & social media, can impact the way that we view ourselves as an individual. If we experience negative events or situations that leave us feeling “bad” about ourselves and where we fit in in the world, these influences may enhance the negative emotions and thoughts that we have and this, in turn, may lead us to adopt a style of eating that, if maintained for a period of time, may have a detrimental impact on our physical and emotional well-being!’Sallie Ann Kemp, Therapist

We want to raise as much awareness as we can about eating disorders and to help young people to challenge any beliefs that they may experience, early on. We at Therapy Partners believe early intervention is best, but that prevention is better than cure, and by raising as much awareness as we can about Mental Health, Eating Disorders and Body Image, we hope that the information we are imparting, may go some way to stopping someone from developing an Eating Disorder and asking for support if they recognize that they are struggling emotionally.

If you feel affected by any of the above, feel you need help and support or would like to organise such a presentation for your school or organisation, please contact us.

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