The PETS (Psycho-Educational Therapeutic Intervention strategy) project which inspired the launch of Rewrite Your Story, has published an Executive Summary Report and a Full Report of the project’s outcomes, outlining the 3 different areas of three-dimensional multi-faceted support offered to young people and their families throughout the project;

  1. TARGETED SUPPORT FOR INDIVIDUALS on a one-to-one basis by providing 20 sessions of solution-focused, evidence-based CBT-E therapy within a week of referral at a convenient location for the young person.
  2. Facilitated PEER SUPPORT GROUPS for parents and or carers, and young people based on a psycho-educational approach. Key themes, together with strategies for building resilience were offered to participants to help facilitate more functional interpersonal relationships. In addition, young people were offered peer support as a follow-up treatment after one-to-one therapy.
  3. AWARENESS TRAINING and a PSYCHOEDUCATIONAL VIDEO was developed and delivered to different groups of people. Young people were given training on building resilience, positive body image and given strategies to help maintain their wellbeing.

The reports outline the initial assessment criteria, service specification, delivery of service, evaluation methods and results of each area of support provided.

Through the hard work of Therapy Partner Therapists and Nutritionists in this pioneering approach, alongside NHS funding and the individuals, families and professionals involved, our recovery and improvement rates were 57% for the young people being treated, much higher than the national average, and an overall improvement in emotional wellbeing of 77%.

We received outstanding feedback throughout the program, including this from a mother of a service user who was in the family peer support group;

‘Without Therapy Partners, I would have no support for our problems because other services I’ve been referred to haven’t offered anything.’

and this from a training attendee currently supporting a young person with an ED;

‘I felt like I’d struck gold when I went to your training. I can’t thank you enough. I’d realised that I’d been doing everything the wrong way. Now I have a structure to work with.’

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To read and download the Full Report, please click here

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