Over the course of 2016/17 our colleagues at RWYS have been developing a groundbreaking whole system approach to supporting, promoting and protecting the emotional wellbeing of children and young people with eating disorders, their families and other professionals.

PETS 1 & 2

Psycho-Educations Therapeutic INtervention Strategy (PETS for short) Is support that extends beyond the reach of traditional services, recognising that early intervention is key and early results support this.

Read more about our pilot project and the outcomes we have achieved through PETS Interim report. Download it here.


The European Eating Disorders Review journal (EEDR) is Beat’s bi-monthly academic publication, and one of the most respected journals in the field of eating disorders.

The EEDR includes:

  • Reports on useful research and experience related to the treatment and prevention of eating disorders in primary care and hospital settings
  • Information about good practice
  • New thinking about the nature, incidence, diagnosis and clinical management of eating disordersdetails of training, events, policy and publications relating to eating disorders

For more information about the EEDR and to subscribe, click here.

NICE Guidelines

The updated NICE guidelines have recently been published. They are very thorough and can be read in full here.

Although they are guidelines and do legally not need to be followed, it is expected that they will be taken into account when deciding on the best pathway for treatment for a patient.

Some key points in the guidelines include;

  • Referral for treatment and early intervention is key
  • You should consider more than physical factors and measurements to determine whether an eating disorder is present and an individual needs treatment
  • Careful and thorough development of care plans for inpatients is of utmost importance
  • With regards to patient treatment, it must happen “near to their home” in a bid to remove the long travelling distances many sufferers and their friends and families have to travel for treatment and support

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