Therapy Partners Seminar: Supporting a Young Person with an Eating Disorder

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Therapy Partners have recently held 2 seminars on the 9 June and 16 June 2017 for local health professionals, schools and clients and families of Therapy Partners to raise awareness of Eating Disorders (ED) and educate our attendees on how to appropriately manage and care for an individual with an ED.

Seminar Content: 

  • What are EDs?
  • How might they develop?
  • How they might impact on a young person’s life and their relationships?
  • How can we help young people and those around them in their journey towards recovery?
  • Why is nutrition important in EDs?
  • Health implications of an ED
  • What should we be recommending?
  • Helpful guidance

The seminar was able to facilitate positive and informative discussions about ED and nutrition, with great participation from our attendees using a mix of group work and presentations from Sally, Louise and Hannah.

The team gave information on what to expect and how Therapy Partners can help an individual on their journey to recovery including CBT-E, Family Work and Peer Support.

The Therapy Partners team shared videos including the ‘Rewrite Your Story’ video created by Director Alan Heyes to share young people’s stories who have participated in the Therapy Partners treatment programme.

We have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback from the sessions and are looking forward to the July seminar!

“Great participation and interaction. All questions answered. Thank you.”

“Very knowledgeable and enjoyable morning. Thank you.”

“Enjoyable course and very informative.”

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