‘Nutrition is the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth. It is nourishment for the body. The medical definition of nutrition is the process of taking in food and using it for growth, metabolism and repair. Stages of this are ingestion, digestion, transport, assimilation and excretion.’

– Hannah Burton, Nutritionist

Nutrition and My Body

Many people are subject to the common misconception that calories are made equal, but what they do and the benefit that they provide to the body is not the same.

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What is a Healthy, Balanced Diet?

All these different vitamins, nutrients and minerals, their benefits and what we need to eat to get them, can seem quite overwhelming. In reality though, it is not difficult to eat a diet rich in nutrients.

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Nutrition and Recovery

A Nutritionist can support eating disorder recovery by promoting dietary changes that are sustainable and providing positive reinforcement through understanding of nutrition, improving health at the individuals own pace.

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Test Your Knowledge

See how much you really know about eating disorders with our quiz!

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