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On Wednesday 4th April Sallie Kemp visted MCCH, a lovely Care Home in Tankerton, near Whitstable Kent.

‘MCCH had approached us in respect of carrying out some training around Eating Disorders and Carer Styles. There were some 11 attendees in total and these had been made up from members of Staff from a number of Care Homes that come under MCCH’s umbrella and the Brother of one of the Residents, a 75 year old Lady that was believed to have adopted an Eating Style conducive with an Eating Disorder (Anorexia Nervosa).

I was welcomed with open arms by the Staff and Residents that I met with and following introductions with much appreciated tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits , I carried out a 3 hour tutorial.

The elements of this covering identifying behaviours and beliefs that may be adopted by someone being affected by an Eating Disorder.

The physical and mental impact of such behaviours was discussed and a number of those present were able to identify a number of residents within their own establishments that may have developed and eating style that would fit into the realms of an Eating Disorder. The age range that was studied was between adolescents and those in their twilight years.

The session proved to be very lively with much interaction taking place around the room. We looked at Carer Styles that we may adopt unconsciously –  and those present were able to recognise the negative impact that this may have when working/living with someone who may have developed an Eating Disorder.

We discussed what alternative behaviours may prove to have a more positive impact and identified areas that where support may be offered in order to aid anyone affected by and Eating Disorder.

MCCH were incredibly hospitable (the lunch that was provided was amazing) and it was my pleasure to offer some insight into eating disorders and carer styles to the team of hardworking carers and family mebers at MCCH. – Sallie Ann Kemp’



Thoughts :

  1. I have only a little experience of eating disorders. I am sorry that I wasn’t told about the visit on the 4th April as I would have been interested in attending as a quality checker at mcch. I this this area of mental health is not often talked about. I hope I can do something to raise awareness and offer my support.

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