Make PSHE lessons compulsory to reduce ‘worrying’ levels of self-harm among pupils, urge researchers

News  /  4th September 2017  /  0 Comments

Exclusive: experts urge government to roll-out statutory lessons in personal health and mental wellbeing in order to better protect pupils at risk.

Children are being put at risk of self-harm due to a lack of personal, social and health education lessons (PSHE) within schools, new research has suggested.

Experts said the number of young people affected by mental health problems, including self-harm, was “alarming”, and called on the government to address the issue with the introduction of compulsory PSHE in all schools.

The new study, by the University of Hertfordshire, found young people who have a “low sense of belonging” in their school are nearly seven times more likely to self-harm than those who feel attached to it, for instance by feeling included within lessons.

Students should be given specific lessons on mental health, wellbeing and community specifically in order to help tackle the problem, the study’s authors told The Independent.

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